Maggie Spike's musical journey began back in the summer of 2003.  Following the break up of their acoustic fusion band Fieldstone, Eric and Maggie decided to press on as a musical duo and continue their vision of bringing together various musical styles into their songcraft.  Their  albums include: Passenger Station (2005), Sol Paradise (2009), and Dark Harbour (2019.)  They are currently working on a new album of originally written material with an eye toward American roots music.

In their late teens Maggie and Eric met at university and soon found similar interests in making music and began trading and playing songs of some of their favorite songwriters.  After finishing their education Maggie and Eric both sought their own individual directions - Maggie went to New York City and Eric moved to Colorado. A few years later they would meet again and continue together as husband and wife and musical collaborators.

Maggie became inspired after hearing her favorite female vocalists Joni Mitchell, Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, and Carol King.  At age eighteen she wrote her first song.  She later discovered Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald inspiring Maggie's keen interest in interpreting jazz standards. Maggie also discovered her Irish ancestral roots leading her to interpret many of the great songs in the Celtic tradition.  Maggie's song writing style often enjoins folk and jazz influences.  Maggie’s alluring voice is as sweet as it is compelling.  She brings a sense of urgency and a touch of innocence to the music she writes and sings.  Her soulful, lyrical sensibilities wonderfully complement her heart felt melodies. 

Eric's interest in music grew out of picking up the acoustic guitar and learning some of his favorite Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Allman Bros. Band, and Bob Dylan songs.  After discovering American folk musician and folklorist Mike Seeger's discography of the American South traditional folk music, Eric came to appreciate the rich history of not only the folk music(s) of North America but also folk music from around the world which led him to American jazz legend, Don Cherry, a pioneer in world fusion music who drew upon traditional African, Middle Eastern, and Hindustani music.  Finishing his education, Eric moved to Colorado and spent the next five years writing songs, working day jobs, and touring the American southwest.  His interest in folk music from around the world continues to grow as an ever-expanding source of study and inspiration and stands as the basis to his overall approach to song writing. 

In live performance Maggie Spike presents their original songs along with traditional British Isles/Celtic tunes and lively covers from such luminaries as: Van Morrison, The Beatles, Neil Young, Blondie, Peter Tosh, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Harry Nilsson, Bob Dylan, Stanley Brinks, The Eagles, and The Rolling Stones. We use a variety of instruments that include acoustic guitar, harmonica, ukulele, Irish bouzouki, shruti box, bodhran, banjo, frames drums, cabasa, tambourine, things that shake, and of course vocal harmonies.  When we’re in the studio we like to enlist the talents of some of our favorite musician friends.

Why do we do what we do?  To us song writing and performing are endless sources of inspiration.  We enjoy the experience of sharing our music with others in an entertaining and meaningful way.  We wish to honor the creative forces that propel us and give us focus.  We go where the music takes us!